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Top 10 Clips of 2023

Let’s take a look back on my most popular clips of 2023! At the start of this year, I set myself a goal to devote more time to my content so I could develop more creative ideas and perfect my recipe book on what makes a clip irresistible. I’ve taken a lot of pleasure in create these videos and it makes me happy to know that you’re enjoying them so much too! Is your favourite on this list? Comment down below what was your most watched clip of the year!

10. Read My Mind

Our first entry is a special one because, at the time of its release, I was offering personalizations  to add your name and additional lines into the voiceover to speak to your kinks. So, of course, it was very popular and I spent most of March making 90 individual versions!

9. Mystery CEI Task

You love a mystery! And proving your obedience by eating your load for me!

8. Forbidden Fruit

This is my personal favourite of 2023, also standing at #15 on my all time most sold list, and I expect it to keep climbing higher! The concept sat on my list for several years, waiting to be developed until I finally picked it up with all the love it deserves. All the components are just masterfully woven together: the backbone of a great track, the intelligent and arresting dialogue, the scintillating theme of biblical lust and erotic denial, my exceptional beauty and editing talents. It’s a must have for your collection!

7. Another JOI

Because you can never watch too many JOIs! It could be a parody if it weren’t so seriously sexy! Good boys can’t get enough of Goddess’ instructions.


For those days when you’re just so sensitive! Which, if you’re following my Goon Calendar, my regime of orgasm control, may be quite often!

5. Pussy Free Conditioning

The contrast of the black shining latex and stark white background paired with whispered mantras and a subtle brown noise buzz make this clip hypnotic bliss. Embrace your celibacy and submission!


This was a fun and sexy clip to work on! Thanks to the purchasing power of my army and my diabolical creativity, I won this year’s IWC Halloween competition with this clip!

3. Eye Contact Challenge

I knew this clip would be popular because you’re always telling me how much you love staring into my eyes! I think we need a new eye contact challenge for 2024!

2. Trigger Training

Another favourite of mine and another opportunity to flex my creativity! Combining all your favourite things: stilettos clicking on the floor, a white blouse button by button coming undone, latex, boots, shiny micro bikinis. All instruments in my arsenal of seduction that have you crumbling to your knees every time.

1. Heaven

Finally… (chorus of angels singing) Welcome to Heaven! My third most sold clip of all time and biblical sister to HELL and Forbidden Fruit. I find it so sexy to play with this taboo theme and twist it in new ways. I also wore this Greek Goddess dress to Wicked Eden’s opening gala in June where I had an amazing time connecting with other dommes and toying with my slave in public! Whether it’s for the edging, the luscious POV blowjob or simply the love of worshiping your Goddess, you NEED this clip!

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6 komentářů

Pussy Free Conditioning was my most watched/listened too, perfect for reinforcing your orders in me when I'm all locked up. Another JOI was probably my most watched after that. It's easy to see why these clips made it into the top 10, each one is uniquely incredible. Thank you for your creativity and energy Goddess.

To se mi líbí

(16. 1.)

The versatility of your work never ceases to amaze me, Goddess! My most watched clip of the year, by far, was "Goodnight, Goddess" as I watch it every night before bed & loop it as I fall asleep! Also, "Forbidden Fruit" & "Chained to My Bed" & "Overstimulated" & "Mantras in Chastity" &... so very many more!

To se mi líbí

I've watched the Eye Contact Challenge, Forbidden Fruit, and Trigger Training a ton! I think you've gone above and beyond with your goal of perfecting that secret recipe. Every single clip just exudes your one of a kind style which I've come to adore so much. They're not just beautiful erotic masterpieces, they're Goddess Eva de Vil clips 💁‍♂

To se mi líbí

Thank You for all the wonderful clips You make for us. My personal favourite is eye contact challenge. I love everything about Your superior, powerful eyes. Every clip tho has that special something. Thank You Goddess Eva! 🙇‍♂️

To se mi líbí

Tes 😤
Tes 😤
(01. 1.)

Another JOI is my favorite, but depending on the day, all of them plus so many more could be my number one! And Forbidden Fruit is my most-watched clip by far, with 75 views. It is so well made, that I could watch it just for the sake of taking in all the mesmerizing visuals. I am still in awe of how good you are at making videos into actual pieces of art, Goddess.

To se mi líbí
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