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Hi, welcome. You must be new. Or maybe you’ve worshiped and admired me for a long time. Either way, I’m glad you’re here to feed your budding obsession. You’ve made a good decision to take a step further into my world of beauty, pleasure and servitude.


I adore being an artist of femdom. I take great pleasure in the process of creation, in exploring the psychology of submission and reveling in my sexuality and feminine power. Everything I craft is made with intention, to reach the high standards that I set myself and to cunningly maximize the impact of my luscious allure on your susceptible mind.

In 2021, I won the YNOT Best Female Content Creator award. I was also nominated for an Xbiz Cam award in 2019.


I specialize in orgasm control. Denial makes edging so much more erotic. Aside from financial sacrifice, to me this to be one of the most profound ways for a man to surrender, to sign away control of his most primal release. I love the way it heightens your arousal and instills a constant pang of lust in your body. You yearn for me day and night. I love how it makes you so obedient and worshipful, keeping your mind focused on your purpose: Pleasing Goddess. Orgasms earned are far sweeter. Learn more here.

My style is generally sensual and encouraging. Humiliation is served with a saccharine smile. I want to make you feel simultaneously teased, tormented and accepted for your perversions.

Slave is too busy stroking, captivated by my gaze and lulled into submission by my perfect body, to grasp the full extent of the skillful ideological control taking place under your nose. All you know is that it feels so good to surrender.

My hard limits include: Scat, racial humiliation, r@pe, p@edophilia, besti@lity, causing death or harm to other parties, encouragement of suicide or self harm (cutting), incest (real family members. Calling me Mommy/Daddy and role play is okay). You will not talk about having sex with me unless it’s strictly under the context that it would never happen. Remember that I am your superior and you will treat me with the utmost respect and reverence. Blackmail is a soft limit: I will only do this with trusted subs.

I have lived on the Pacific Coast of Canada for the last 3 and a half years but I was born in England. I love all things art and design: especially interior design, fashion and cinema. I regularly practice hot yoga and strength training to maintain my sanity and sculpted body. My other hobbies and talents include singing, dancing, drawing, reading and scouring for unique treasures at flea markets.


My biggest goal at the moment is to buy a beautiful, old house in London, a blank canvas to lovingly transform into a home and studio, to host cocktail soirees for my Goddess friends, complete with a loyal service slave to mow my lawn and do my laundry! I’m always pushing myself to achieve more and I’m very excited to see how I will continue to grow as an artist and domme in the future.

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