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About Me

First and foremost, I am an artist. Creation knows no limits. I am in a powerful and privileged position as an artist to create whatever I want and be confident that my followers will still rabidly consume it.

You will eagerly absorb the indoctrination, the propaganda, the works of art that I masterfully spin, with an insatiable hunger for more. I create a sensual and erotic experience for my puppets to bow to.

I create it as I desire, with my own wicked twist and feminine intelligence, dismantling your psyche for my inspection and amusement, to trigger and explore the mind of the submissive. My pleasure in controlling every aspect devises an authentic experience between my slaves and I. I value authenticity and connection above all else.

I carefully curate my luxurious life and the men that I allow in it. I love to travel and travel frequently. I was born in England.

Growing up as a gymnast and figure skating blessed me with a fabulous metabolism and the tantalizingly hot body that now haunts your dreams. I also love yoga, roller skating, fashion, spa and beauty treatments, reading, cinema and developing my editing skills.



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How did you start?

I've been making clips since 2017 after previously working as a webcam model. I loved being in the adult industry but I knew I couldn't reach my potential with a vanilla persona. Find out more about how I became an online dominatrix here!

What's your domination style?

My style is sensual and bratty. I'm feminine and girly with a love of shopping and being spoiled. I can just as easily be kind and good-natured as I can be mean. It's up to you to earn my best side through your tributing and dedication.

What are your favourite kinks?

My favourites are humiliation, tease & denial, edging, mind fuck, impact play, sensory play, findom, cum eating instruction and chastity.

Can I order a custom clip?

Yes! Find out more here.

Do you do real time?

I do not currently take real time bookings.

Do you do Skype sessions?

Yes! Read about it here.

What is your accent?

You may have noticed my unique accent, which is a hybrid of the places I've lived and my international circle of friends. I love slipping naturally between accents for different characters in clips.

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What are your limits?

Scat (I won't do it but I may talk about it), racial humiliation, r@pe, p@edophilia, besti@lity, causing death or harm to other parties, encouragement of suicide or self harm (cutting), incest (you and your real family members. Calling me Mommy/Daddy and role play is okay). I do not tolerate topping from the bottom or flirtatious behaviour. You must treat me with utmost respect and superiority.

How can I get you to notice me?

Send a tribute, send a tribute, send a tribute! There are many hopeful servants seeking my attention every day and it's important that you stand out in a sincere and invested manner. It's important that you are polite, respectful and good-natured when you communicate with me. Click here to see my tribute methods.

What are your favourite non financial gifts to receive?

I love receiving artwork from my followers! If you have the honour of meeting me in person, I'd also love to receive chocolate, strawberry flavoured candy or flowers.

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