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You adore my style and you've been greedily consuming my clips but there's a tantalizing fantasy playing out in your imagination that you're dying to see me execute.


I occasionally take custom video requests!


​I may send out a mass message on iWantClips in advance when I'm planning to open my customs feature. Sometimes, I may invite individuals to submit an idea with me if I like your creativity or you've gone above and beyond to please me.

Note that there are charges for extras such as outfit requests, special effects, detailed script, name and certain categories etc. I only film solo content. No below the waist nudity, no masturbation, strictly femdom and fetish.


The standard delivery deadline is 4 weeks. I reserve the right to decline a request that I don't like.

If you don't see a button for customs on my IWC page, I am not accepting requests. If the price is set to $1.4k+, this is to dissuade orders as I can only view and send existing requests if I have the feature available.

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