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Serve Me Online

Serve me are by binging on my clips or following my orders on The Goon Calendar. Send me a tribute to show your adoration.

Texting and Training

For tasks and long term orgasm control and daily tasks, sign up to The Goon Calendar, where I already have hundreds of goon slaves logging on every single day to receive their orders.

I am also available to chat on my main OnlyFans page. These are the only places where I message subs. Responding to messages is at my discretion. I do not offer round the clock interaction so you must be patient in awaiting a response.

Please note that if you run into card problems/limits on OF, I can't tell you where to send instead because that will jeopardize my account. Likewise if you say "sent on IWC" when we're chatting on OF, this is against ToS. IWC is my other preferred tribute method. It helps for you to have the same username across your accounts. Just say "woof 25" and I'll know you've sent $25 on IWC.


I am not currently taking Skype bookings.

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The best way to make me happy and serve me is to send a tribute. I love to be spoiled and I expect my best boys to send selflessly. My favourites send and reimburse without even being told to. I want you to be thoughtful and dedicated to my pleasure. It's an honour to contribute to and be a part of my luxurious life.

You may tribute me through:

I love to play findom retweet games on Twitter. Send me a $30 deposit and a message to play.

Add a markup code to a clip binge on to pay extra. See my markup codes on the About Me page on my clip store.

I do not accept PayPal.


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