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Since you’re here, I’m sure you’re eager to find out how you can be a good boy for me. Here are my golden rules:


Call me Goddess or Princess.


Be respectful and treat me as your superior. You are here to worship and serve.

Spend as much time as possible edging for me, going deep into the goon hole.


Be patient. I do not offer round the clock contact. I can and will be selective about who I choose to spend my time and energy on, and I’ll respond to messages at my leisure.


If you want to please me, you will pay me. If you want to talk to me, you will pay me. I only engage with submissives who inspire me and are generous, obedient and adoring. Stand out by using your initiative to please.


If you want me to control you, you will follow my orders and surrender your orgasms to me on The Goon Calendar.


Binge on my clips and tell me, in detail, how much you love them. Show your respect and appreciation the passion that I have for creating content.

Attend my live streams on OnlyFans. I love to connect with my subs this way!

Follow me on X to get my latest updates.


I set high standards for myself and thus, high standards for my submissives too. Serving me and being a part of my empire is a luxury.

OnlyFans is the only platform I use to converse with subs. Send me a tribute there to take your servitude deeper.


Do you crave my control? Are you ready to transform yourself from an undisciplined, directionless jerker into an obedient, dedicated slave? Are you ready to become MINE?

Find structure and purpose by following instructions set by Goddess every single day and heading my call to worship.

Along with tasks and teases, I will control your orgasm in one of three levels of surrender:

REGULAR: For those who love my control but need regular release. You will usually be allowed at least one orgasm per week.

HARD: For dedicated edge sluts who want serious denial training. You will be denied for weeks or even months at a time for me.

EXTREME: For those who crave permanent denial. Maybe you’ll get a handful of orgasms this year. Maybe not.

It pleases me to have you denied, desperate and eagerly awaiting my orders. You will learn that being a good boy is more important than cumming. Of course, there are punishments too for disobedience.

Join my 500+ strong army of addicted edge sluts already pumping and marching to my doctrine on The Goon Calendar.

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