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My female domination and fetish clips are iconic and renowned within the community. They're always getting better and better but my older content is still wildly popular.

Binge on my seductive movement, sumptuous imagery and divine beauty. I want you to lap up every moment that I've carefully created for you. I notice big clip orders! 

My Official Clip Stores

If you come across my clips anywhere else on the internet, aside from my official clip stores or the models' who I've worked with, it has been taken and distributed without my consent.

Please show your respect for content creators by not engaging with stolen material!

Mark Up Codes


Want to impress me by paying more? Good boy! Use a mark up code on IWC:

EVA10 - add 10% 
EVA30 - add 30%
EVA50 - add 50% 
EVAADDICT - add 100%
OWNEDBYEVA - add 200%
EVAOBSESSED - add 500%

White bikini 1.jpg

You adore my style and you've been greedily consuming my clips but there's a little fantasy niggling in your imagination that you're dying to see me be a part of.

I accept custom video requests!

Use the custom ordering portal on my iWantClips or ManyVids store to send me your idea. Note that there are charges for extras such as outfit requests, special effects, detailed script, name and certain categories etc.

The standard delivery deadline is 4 weeks.

You can shoot me an email or message on IWC first if you have a taboo or unusual idea and you're not sure if I'll accept it.

I only film solo content. No below the waist nudity, no masturbation, strictly femdom and fetish.

Sometimes I close my custom orders to focus on my own projects. It's best to keep checking back every few weeks or follow me on Twitter for updates.


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