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BANNED CLIPS and Where to Find Them!

Unfortunately, we’re at the mercy of the payment processors and their ever restrictive rules that dictate what kind of content is acceptable for sale. This means that some of my best and sexiest clips have to be deleted from my clip sites. But don’t worry! I’ll be keeping this page updated with my outlawed clips and how you can get a hold of them.

You can email me with the list of clips you’d like to buy and I’ll confirm the price. Then you can send a tribute of that amount (a full list of payment methods can be found here) and I’ll send you the files directly.

Banned categories:

  • Intox: coerced or encouraged. This includes alcohol, poppers and marijuanna.

  • Pee play

  • Executrix: Including weapons

Red Rum

Is anyone in there? Isolation got you going a little crazy?

Come with me and escape the four walls that you’re confined in. Join the party! Goddess is a deliciously bad influence, leading you on a mind altering goon session with 6 exhilarating, orchestral edges.

Clear out all the repression and frustration from your system with my special potion. You’re only permitted to be frustrated for me! My glamorous body twists and turns as I make your head spin, taking you deeper and deeper.

But now that you’re here, weak, woozy and desperate, I won’t let you leave and I won’t let you cum. You’ll be drinking and gooning for me all night, my dopey, denied servant! You’re trapped in my red room.

Wear headphones to experience the full intensity!

Intox / alcohol / edging / orgasm denial / topless / nipples / mind fuck / mesmerize


Length 17:02

Where to find it:


Get Lit and Submit

I’m gonna render you completely defenceless as I make you smoke and stroke for my body.

You don’t have to think. You have no responsibilities. Nothing to bother you. Everything disappears as you submit to my perfection. Your brain will be so scrambled by the time I’m finished with you that the only thing you’ll know is that I own you and nothing else is important.

Work yourself up to a nice, heady, dopey orgasm as I instruct you on how long to inhale and count as you hold it in for me. You’ll be my giddy, little jerk zombie.

Intox / 420 / JOI / cum countdown / sensual


Length 18:03

Where to find it:


Jerk Addict Challenge

Goddess has another lengthy challenge for you to continue your training as my jerk addict. Don't cum until the end. You know the drill.

As usual, I start by making you smoke. It's so amusing to see you losing yourself, struggling with your senses as you fight to focus on your orders. You must exercise control and discipline over your body. Even as it weakens. Even as it yearns to give in.

(Alternatively, if you're not going to smoke to this clip, you can drink, taking long sips as I count you in and holding it in your mouth before swallowing per my command. If you're a good boy who doesn't get wavy, you can just squeeze your dick tightly when I count, breathing deeply to relax)

Any orgasm during this clip, even a ruined one, will be considered a failure. There'll be a monetary cost of failure too, and added time on your next attempt at the challenge. But you won't fail, will you? You're a dedicated and well practiced jerk addict.

Yet you can't ignore the way my fishnets and jean shorts take over your mind. You don't want to ignore it. You want to lean into it. It feels so good to give into this denim covered ass again and again and again.

Just as you start to think you can manage, my soft whispers penetrate your mind, enticing you to surrender to me. Why not let go and just cum now? Can you really defy me? My whispers tease your ears throughout the clip, layered over my instruction and encouragement. Moaning. Voicing your desperation.

I slowly strip out of my clothes. I have a treat for you, addict. As water drenches my shirt, my heavenly nipples start to reveal themselves. You need all your willpower but you’re already so weak for me.. Your jaw clenches and your body trembles. My teasing has never felt so unendurable. Cumming is beginning to feel irresistibly appealing. But we’re only halfway.

With a cruel little outfit switch, I change to a sexy bikini, just as you thought you were about to worship my bare nipples. You have to keep edging to earn your orgasm to my tits, my weak bitch. Your entire being is gripped in agonizing arousal.

Is the challenge too much for you? This is your purpose. This is the only thing that you're programmed to do: pump. Prove that you’re a true edge slut.

*Wear headphones to get the full experience*

Intox / 420 / edging / challenge / JOI / topless / cum countdown


Length 49:42

Where to find it:

The updated version with the intox instructions edited out is in all my clip stores. Email me to buy the intox version!

Resistance Training

In this marathon JOI game, you must make it through various defined rounds of teasing and torment before you finally earn your orgasm.

In round 1, I begin by loosening your inhibitions. I instruct you to smoke and hold it to my count. I induce you to believe that if you fail the challenge, you won’t be able to stop thinking about it. You’ll have a sense of unresolved dissatisfaction lodged in your mind until you come back and eventually complete the game.

On your marks, get set, start pumping!

You pass through each segment, defying my best efforts to break you. I make you edge for ass until your head is spinning. My whispers creep into your ears, enticing you to give in and just cum now, but you must resist. You start begging as I control your jerking, stop and go. You surrender your mind to me yet cling to that one autonomy, not cumming. Wait until the end. Hold on or you’ll fail the challenge.

I make you stroke for my perfect tits and it’s almost unbearable. You’re slipping, so very close to losing it. In the final few minutes, I start moaning. It’s agony to hold back but you know you must. You have to train yourself to be the best little edge slut for me. You have to prove what a good jerk addict you are, lasting until that last steamy countdown when I'll reward you with an intense orgasm.

*Wear headphones to get the full experience!*


Length 46:10

Intox / 420 / edging / challenge / JOI / topless / cum countdown

Where to find it:

The updated version with the intox instructions edited out is in all my clip stores. Email me to buy the intox version!

Sensual Stroke Slave Initiation

I'm challenging you to last through this whole clip without cumming. Right til the end when I give you an agonizing countdown for my shiny, oily tits. You can't be my slave unless you can pass this initiation. Only the most dedicated subs will succeed.

My orders are more important than your orgasm. Pump when I say pump and drool over my incredible body.

I want to make it a little more interesting though. I'll gently ease you into a haze. Smoke for me. It'll make it easier to submit, but that much harder to obey, to remain in control of yourself. You must show me that you can overcome your weak male urges and follow my orders.

If you can pass this sensual head fucking, you'll be one step closer to being one of my best bitches.


Length 46:41

Intox / 420 / edging / challenge / JOI / topless / cum countdown / oil

Where to find it:

The updated version with the intox instructions edited out is in all my clip stores. Email me to buy the intox version!

Sniff for Me

I have a real mind bending session planned for you today. I know how much you like getting fucked up on my power. I want you to sniff yourself silly while I guide you and your pathetic cock into complete weakness for Me. You just have to do exactly what I tell you to.

Intox / poppers / JOI / sensual / mind fuck


Length 27:35

Where to find it:


Long, Hard Poppers Life Fuck

A heady foray in anal pleasure with life altering consequences. I coax you into loosening up and letting your guard down as you drink and sniff for me, making it so easy to obey. Relaxing with Goddess is the highlight of your week and you’re always desperate to escape with me, turning away from your boring marriage to retreat into my seductive power.

I control your inhalations, showing off my beautiful, royal blue lingerie with a bratty smile. After a nice, slow build up, I persuade you to scribble your name and address on your bare chest. You’re so wrapped up in my erotic aura that you blindly trust me, and the dildo stuffing your ass takes you to another level of submissive heaven.

I order you to send me some racy photos, making sure you record every detail of the scene: your crumpled face, the writing on your body, the cock in your ass. Woosh. Sent.

My attitude turns evil as you wake from your vivid spell and realize the power you’ve just handed over to me. I intend to take full advantage of these photos, holding them over you to make you my puppet or I’ll destroy your life.

You thought you could trust me. You’ve been begging girls on the internet to ruin your life for so long. It was only a matter of time before someone really does it, and it’s going to be me! You’re so inebriated and defenceless but still extremely aroused.

I make you write my name too and cum on your body, taking another picture to prove that this is what you really wanted and that you’re happy to be black mailed by me. You will need a dildo, lube, poppers, booze, a sharpie and your phone.

Intox / blackmail / poppers / alcohol / humiliation / homewrecking / life wrecking / cum countdown / anal play / mind fuck


Length 35:27

Where to find it:


Love Potion

Part of my 14 Days of Love series. Experience Goddess Eva's powerful love potion as you transcend the confines of your limited male emotions and unlock a whole new level of worship and subservience. My power runs in your Red Life Juice, drawing you ever closer to me. You're getting weaker by the second as you inhale hit after hit. You're in so deep that the only way forward now is Eva.

Intox / poppers / tit worship / Louboutin / anal play / sensual


Length 23:36

Where to find it:


Poppers Sissy Nylon Worship

[Custom clip, no name] To continue your sissy training, I want to really get inside your head to make your desperately addicted to Me and being My sissy slut, with the help of My special sissy potion, poppers. I'll have you on your knees, deeply inhaling the beautiful scent of My soles in these nylons while I fuck with your head and have you begging Me to put you in panties every day for the rest of your life.

Intox / poppers / sissification / nylon


Length 12:12

Where to find it:

Email me!

5 Minute Sissy Orgasm

[Custom, no name] Your brain turns to mush when you worship hot brats. Getting high and humiliating yourself makes your sissy clit throb. Prepare your lube and dildo for me, sissy whore. You're gonna be begging me to let you fill yourself with it. 5 minutes is all you need because you're such a quick cummer, especially when you start tickling your g-spot! You're gonna spray all over yourself while you look into my eyes.

Intox / poppers / humiliation / sissy / premature ejaculation / anal play


Length 7:12

Where to find it:


Suck My Pissy Panties ($12.99)

This brat wants to see you totally degraded. I have a feeling you're gonna like it though, pervert. Get down on your knees and get ready to suck on these pis sy panties! Can you feel My wet clit on your tongue through these soaked panties? Too bad you don't deserve to actually lick My pussy, bitch.

Humiliation / pee play / panty wetting / toilet humiliation / bratty

Where to find it:


Executrix Alpha Breakdown

I’m a touring dominatrix and you’re the bodyguard that I’ve hired to protect me while I session with clients. You’ve heard the moans and cries of my slaves through the door as I punish them, but you assure yourself that you could never submit like that because you’re an alpha.

After completing my last session, I invite you in for a drink to celebrate. Your vision blurs and you quickly black out. You wake up to me holding a blade to your scrotum, bragging about how easily I overpowered you. Don’t make a sound and don’t move an inch or I’ll slice you open like a Beanie Baby.

I relish in abusing your balls. All your training and exercises are useless now that you’re at my mercy! This is all part of my ritual. The sessions are just a warm up for the main event: you. Dominating and degrading an alpha male before I ruthlessly castrate him, stepping back to behold the art before my eyes as he drains out. Powerless and aroused, it’s common for my victims to be hard when confronted by a sexy, arrogant woman in such a frightening situation. I’ll enjoy shearing you of your big, alpha cock.

I’m almost jealous that you’ll get to experience those final orgasmic moments. I wish I could feel it myself but I do so enjoy inflicting it. As the light leaves your eyes, my wicked red lips will be the last thing you ever see.

Latex / executrix / castration / mind fuck / alpha humiliation / arrogant woman / simulated hand job


Length 17:00

Where to find it:



The Female Assassin

[Custom, no name] I recount a recent mission with a tone of contempt and a subtle air of arrogance. My victims were outmatched and inferior, as usual. My assignment was a young tycoon. However, returning to his suite, a sturdy male bodyguard was lying in wait to protect his master. I instinctively knew I’d have to k~ill him as well, but it was no problem for my swift critical skills.

Despite my innocent, seductive gaze, he searched me and found my weapon. I describe the brief ensuing fight and demonstrate the kicks I used to send him crashing into the wall, dazed and lifeless.

After I’d dealt with him, I swept up my g~un and turned to my target, who was cowering in the corner of the luxury suite. I gave him a choice: to take my bullet, or d~ie with dignity in hand to hand combat. Sobbing, helpless and aroused, he accepted the bullet.

Executrix / arrogant woman / femme fatale / high heels / kicking


Length 9:32

Where to find it:



Pulling The Life Out of You

[Custom clip with the name Tyler] We start by chatting about the events that have been going on recently. The quarantine restrictions are finally easing up. It got me thinking about what would happen to my stuff If I di~ed. You tell me you have life insurance, even though you’re only 30.

This piques my interest and I pry you for more details about the policy. I slyly promise you the best blowjob of your life if you put me as the sole beneficiary. I know it’s your ultimate fantasy to receive one from me and this skimpy dress is irresistible. You’ll also get to be the first man inside my ass. Your mind is made up in a matter of minutes and I treat you to my wet mouth, but you cum quickly because you’re so aroused by my lips and my tongue and my big, shiny eyes.

Later that night, I meet you in the intimate light of my bedroom. I tell you that this is going to be different. I’m going to pull the cum out of your cock and balls. I slip you into my asshole and start riding you, controlling your orgasm to my desire. When you cum, it’s the most intense, blissful experience, like nothing ever before and it ki~lls you. I’m left smiling over your de~ad body.

Femme Fatale / executrix / sensual / simulated blowjob / simulated sex


Length 27:08

Where to find it:



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